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Yamaha Motoroid Concept Self Balances

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Though some may find this feature cumbersome, the self balancing feature of Yamaha’s Motoroid concept motorcycle could prove to be popular with new riders.

Recently on display at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the electric powered Motoroid can balance on two wheels without a kickstand or human interference. Using an auto-balance control system they call the Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES), the motorcycle can stay up by using a unique articulated movement. The rear wheel shift, swing arm and battery was designed with this function in mind and the bike’s sensors and accelerometer works to keep it upright.

Another feature displayed in this concept was its hand gesture motion. Similar to a Tesla, the bike will move towards its rider when gestured to do so, useful for getting out of parking spaces though perhaps not much else.

Though we may not see either of those systems in a Yamaha motorcycle anytime soon, perhaps the bike’s compact lithium-ion battery and rear-wheel hub motor will appear in an all-electric production motorcycle some time in the future. At 213kg, the Motoroid’s motor and battery does seem porky, but that number also includes the self-balance system and all the other extra electronics.

Let us know what you think of this concept below.

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The self balancing idea does have merit, but not when it requires what looks like training wheels on either side of the bike. And that seat seems too restrictive IMO. I'm one to shift on my seat now and again to readjust my positioning and the odd seat doesn't allow for that.

But it's a cool concept and I'll give them that.
Is this the same bike from this video here?

I think it's a different bike.
Not much is going on in the world of Yamaha these days aside from autonomous motorcycles, so here's a clip of the self balancing bike at CES.
It's cool looking that's for sure, although I second the fact that its not really self balancing with safety wheels on either side. I don't like the aspect of the bike holding you either as that's just going to restrict movement and result in uncomfortable riding positions. And I'm not so sure I like the idea of motorcycle riding robots. That seems like a step in a bad direction.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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