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Woodcraft Rearset & clipons

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I bought my 2019 mt 10 a few weeks ago from a guy that didn't like to ride it. He put 2000 miles on it since buying it new. He put an akropovic full system , a rapid bike evo and a servo buddy. I added a k & n filter, x blaster integrated tail light, woodcraft clipons and woodcraft rearsets. I also ordered woodcraft sliders but they haven't come in yet. In 3 weeks I habe put almost 1k miles and I truly love the bike. Sometimes it can get annoying when I literally can't keep the front wheel down, especially trying to take off with my friends. .. but I still love it...


Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle
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Ps. I also added a ram mount
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