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Why I WON'T Buy A FZ-10

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Here's a video posted by CycleCruza where he explains why he won't be buying a FZ-10.

*May contain coarse language

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I saw this a few weeks ago and while I like some of his video content, he ignored the fact that the motor has been around for a long time in the R1 (albeit some changes) and stating that he won't buy one because it's a first year bike is kind of ignoring these facts. He's better off on his 250 dual sport anyway.
Sure he will need aswel money for buy one...
Ok, weight and first year potential problems. /end yo!
... He hasn't even test ridden one and he's already saying no based on two poorly thought out reasons. There's no way something with the fz-10's engine will be as light as what he wants.

Just felt a few of my brains cells die while watching that.
To each their own I say. Those who are really interested in the fz-10 won't base their decision on a commentary video by someone who likes to 250s.
Thank you all for listing out all of his reasoning (or lack thereof). From the time I started watching the video, I couldn't take the way he was talking... I just got super annoyed and took that crap off.
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