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Hi Guys n gals,
Newbie from the UK here. I'm already on a couple of MT/FZ forums as when I decided it was gonna be my next bike following a manic one hour test ride, I signed up and absorbed as much info and viewed as many media files as I could so I could at least go into ownership of one of these with my eyes wide open.

Move forward a month or two and just over a fortnight ago I became the proud owner of a 2018 standard MT10 which is now just about broken in and is ready for its 600 miles service.

In it's short life it has already had a Scorpion RP1-GP exhaust can, Leo Vince decat, servo eliminator (to make some space under the seat), R&G engine protection and bar end protection, bar end mirrors, Smoto style tail tidy and small plate, Chinese rad and oil cooler guards, CNC levers and tank pad.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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