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Turn around from Yamaha on 2018 delivery

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Hey guys, first post on the forum. Last week I plopped a deposit down to have a new 2018 blue shipped to the dealer just for me. But the catch is, I guess with the new dealer system for Yamaha - they don't provide an ETA. And the Yamaha rep wouldn't commit to even an estimate when my dealer talked to him.

So the question is, anybody order a bike through a dealer that couldn't source a bike from another dealer and had to order from yamaha - and if so, how long did it take?

I'm up in MN and there's still snow on the ground and in the forecast, so I'm in no real rush - but when spring finally hits I want to be on my new bike.

Thanks for the info.
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I know this is an older thread but my answer may help someone.
When I ordered mine I didn’t want the Grey or Black that the dealer had there and told him I only wanted Blue. He checked stock online with Yamaha and I was told it would take roughly 2-3 weeks for it to arrive in the UK from Europe once ordered. In reality it was there in less than 2 weeks. The colour availability thing though, he recked that Yamaha only had a small number of blue ones left and owning to the fact we were only 3 months from the end of the year and the 2019 colours being released it could have been different.
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