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I figured I would share some thoughts on my first impressions of the FZ-10. This was a transition from many years of riding R1's, so I figured this might help anyone else debating whether they should make the switch.

1. Power
B mode is the way to go. This thing has plenty of power on tap for any street riding. Bonkers is an appropriate word, and will be even truer after a flash.​
2. Wind blast
The wind protection with the stock screen is actually pretty good. Much better than I expected. I also have the OEM mid size screen, which takes the wind off of the chest area, but not the helmet.​
3. Riding Position
The seating position is absolutely more comfortable than a super sport. Zero pressure on my wrists, however, the seat will need to be replaced if I plan on doing some long trips.​
4. Fuel Tank Range
I am averaging 33.9 MPG(US). Considering on all three generations of R1's I have owned I was getting 40-42MPG, I am not impressed. Couple that with a reduced capacity tank(4.5G) and the usable range suffers.​
5. Hand Control Layout
I feel like the layout of the switches is not ideal. I keep hitting my horn when I am trying to cancel my turn signals. I need to move my hand on the bar to use the turn signal switches. I might have to adjust the rotation of the switch housing to fit ME.​
6. Rid-ability
This thing is so easy to ride compared to my previous R1's! Very little effort is required on my part to ride. I didn't realize until now that I was using so much effort to ride my R1. It took me about 100 miles to quit over-steering on every turn. The bar leverage is awesome!​
7. Trunk Space
What trunk space? I usually keep insurance, registration, and my tool kit under the seat, but that i snot really an option...yet. EXUP servo delete should give a little space for a tool kit.​
8.Backpack Use
I used to hate riding with a backpack on my R1. The riding position used to make head checks awkward. The FZ-10 upright position eliminates this issue and makes a backpack easy to use.​

Do I regret the Transition?
Absolutely not! I loved my R1's, but the FZ-10 is a realistic street bike. I used my R1's to maybe 60% of their potential on occasion, MAYBE.
If I think of more items, I will add to the list. I'm sure more will come up.

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Great write up from an ex R-1 owner. I too a bike or two ago decided no more sport bike positioning since getting old sucks when you are in that position for any length of time over 20 minutes. Leave that for 20-30 year olds.

I regularly now surprise people as well since they see an upright position along with my side bags they completely have no idea what I am capable of. Kind of like a sleeper. Love my Shad bag system although it is kind of a gymnastic move to get on or off but the fact I can carry so much is such a benefit for me personally and they do not seem to affect the bike in any way.

Now if I could only get that loud horn I want :)

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A few more items have come to mind.

9. Gearbox
This is the smoothest Yamaha gearbox I have had to date. All my R1's and R6 were pretty clunky. This is like butter compared to them.​

10. Brakes
I have read many people complaining about the lack of initial bite and feel from the brakes. I have no complaints. They stop me just fine with two finger engagement. I imagine the fine feedback that could be felt, may be gone with the ABS.​

11. Guage cluster
I think the information layout is decent. The speed and fuel readout are easy to read at a glance. However, I have never been a fan of LCD tachometers, I hate them all. A dial and needle Tach are so easy to read, even using peripheral vision.​

12. Styling
Definitely polarizing style. You either love it, which I do, or hate it. I think the aggressive angular styling matches the cross plane sound. The engine sounds very mechanical, and the overall look of the bike matches it well.​

13. Headlights
Fantatsic. I ride home in the dark every night, and these are by far the best lights I've had to date . This may also be the first bike I don't replace the tail light and turn signals on. The LED's are top notch.​

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Line item 13.... I find that the head lights are sub par at night compared to my 2012 Super Tenere, 2004 FZ1 and 2015 WR250R. I like the style and find that they are very noticeable in the day light but at night, the low beam is not too good. Maybe it is just me. Otherwise the bike is sweet.

I did have the ECU flashed but went back to stock due to all the surging that the ECO mode was causing. When the bike goes into this mode, it leans out the AF mixture. It was jumping from 13 to 15 in this mode with the tune. With the cruise on the bike would surge very badly. I might wait a year or so before I try the flash again.

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Anyone finding initial bite/feedback from the brakes should change the pads first. The OEM pads may not be up to the task if you're pushing the pace.

I've had good success in the past with EBC pads but love the Vesrah RJL-XX pads now.
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