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TacMoto - Demo Day

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Really in depth review going through settings, explaining settings, functions, etc.
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Yamaha needs to clarify the modes when the fz-10 comes out or there's going to be a lot of confused riders. Good thing he clarified that A mode is the more aggressive mode.
That's definitely something important that needs to be cleared up. Shouldn't have to test back and forth to find out like that.
One thing they both mentioned was the rock solid seats. That will be the first to go for a lot of people. Sport bike seats will never be as comfortable as cruiser but that doesn't mean we need to sit on rocks.
Definitely, or even modify them and put in a gel-pad and get it re-upholstered
Other than the seat, the FZ-10 has more useable midrange power than the R1 and there are no vibrations.

Just have to adjust the suspension too when you get the FZ-10 since it could be pre-adjusted for track riding.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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