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I'm a huge Yamaha fan and owner of 2011 Yamaha R6. Thinking of purchasing a new bike, even though I'm still more than satisfied with what I have right now. Looking for motivation here to finally buy this devil!>:)
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Well, I don't know what I could say to make you want to buy one other than tell you what you already know. It has more HP and torque. Loves to wheelie! It has ABS, rider modes, traction control settings, cruise control, accessory port (cigarette lighter size, great for plugging in GPS), the dash has a clock, ambient temp, motor temp, fuel gauge, MPG. It's **** near like a car! It's a fun bike, albeit expensive (being honest). The 2 things I like most about it are the fuel gauge and cruise control. Don't laugh, lol. I like knowing my fuel level instead of relying on the tripometer to know when to look for fuel. My last bike just had a light come on telling you to flip to reserve, so the gauge was a must. Cruise control, can't say enough about how much I love having it!
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Just as a suggestion, check around when the time comes for insurance. For what ever reason the companies I checked were all over the board on the same level of coverage. I initially was surprised at the raise in my rate from State Farm so I decided to check around and wow what a shock.

State Farm ended up being the best price (good for me) but some of the quotes I got were outrageous. If I remember correctly Geico was the worst wanting 2400.00 a year. And I've been riding since 1974 on the street and have zero tickets, zero accidents, not even a parking ticket. So shop around some before taking any insurance.

I even checked so real off branded companies just for the heck of it and they were out there too compared to State Farm.

P.S. Everything that RG1 said above is true too!!
If you do make the move from R6 to this FZ then please let us know what its like making the transition over because that sort of perspective is what I always find to be really useful on these communities. It might even help someone else that's still on the fence.
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