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My windshield finally came in today, installed it at the dealership and test road it home. When I was installing it I had my doubts it would be very effective, but on the ride home I was amazed at the difference, I felt no wind on my chest or helmet until I took it up to over 100mph.

I still plan to buy the OEM shield when it becomes available for the longer riders, but for the sporty canyon rides I wanted this low shield that would let me tuck behind it for the high speed runs and not get in the way of my wheelies.

here's the manufacturer:
Puig Racing Screens: Puig | Racing and standard screens, and accessories for your bike. | Puig

and here's some pics:

FYI this kit has 2 issues: 1 it calls for you to use the stock bolts but with the addition of this bracket and the fact that the bolts can't sink down into the well they sit in, they are too short so I got some longer bolts. 2) you should fill that well with a couple of washers so your fairing plastics don't get crunched. You can see what I mean here:

The 4 OEM bolts are on the right and the longer bolts I supplied are in the bracket, add washer unerneeth

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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