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New to Yamaha

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Been a die heart Kawi rider all my life now on a FZ10
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Been a die heart Kawi rider all my life now on a FZ10

I've owned 30 street bikes since 1973. From 1973-1985 most were Kawasaki's. From 1998- 2017 most were Yamahas. Owned one Suzuki ,a Busa, couple of Honda's. But Yamahas are my favorite rides, cruisers and sport bikes and waverunners. But I still would pick Kawasaki as my second favorite brand only for sport bikes ,not for a cruiser.Yamaha makes better cruisers for sure.IMHOP.

Welcome to the FZ10 forum. And the cross plane engine.
Congrats on the FZ

Have you started to think about what modifications and accessories you want to get? Keep us posted.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations. What color did you go for?
Been a die heart Kawi rider all my life now on a FZ10
Which Kawi model did you come from? I too used to ride Kawasaki, just can't move away from Japanese motorcycles. :grin2:
I grew up on Honda dirt bikes. Bought my first Yamaha street bike(2002 R6) and have been pretty loyal to Yamaha ever since.
How do you like the FZ10 compared to all those Kawi's?
One thing for sure is ergo's of the Yamaha will be better than all those Kawi's. Coming from Honda and trying Kawi's it was just weird for me. So in that case I gravitate between Honda and Yamaha... and in the future Ducati as my income grows.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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