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I just bought a 12,000km SP at the weekend, being the third owner. The bike is pretty mint but a little dirty, and someone over-spent on the add-ons as it came with some really good bits (comfort seat and Akra slip-on), nice-to-haves (radiator and oil cooler guards, case guards, tail tidy) and some surplus but pretty bits (billet levers, reservoir caps, radiator and filler cap, sprocket cover), plus all the OEM bits. Oh and only 22 psi in the back tyre, turns out the last owner was not a maintainer but the good news is that I like getting my hands dirty. In three days I have changed the overdue oil and filter, fixed an electrical issue with a rear indicator and found the brake switch is sticky causing the brake light to stick on and the cruise control to stop working. I'll partake of the recall on that last one and get a new switch from the dealer soon. Lots of cleaning to do but that is fun.

So far I am loving the ride position and handling (with the right tyre pressures...), fiddling with all the various settings, and whooping out loud every time I touch the throttle. Oh and the exhaust sounds is heavenly, and reminds me sometimes of my old VFR800 but hyped up. Fuel range...can't have everything.

I've got a short screen ordered, and am looking at getting some panniers for longer trips, plus obligatory heated grips and crash bungs plus a phone mount and TPMS system.

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