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New mt 10 owner

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Hey all ! Just bought a 2019 mt 10 with 2k miles.
I think its my all time favorite bike.
It came with a 3/4 akropovic exhaust, a rapid bike evo, servo buddy & Yoshimura fender eliminator. In the 3 Weeks I've owned it, I have added 1400 miles, the xblaster integrated tail light, woodcraft clipons, woodcraft rearsets, woodcraft sliders & of course a wireless charging ram mount & MZS levers. I'm not much for the complete upright position so now with the adjustable rearsets and clipons it's just phenomenal.
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Aren't they nice here?
Welcome to the forum, @Iron!
@MasterDork, thanks for sharing!
Nice bike... any idea where the engine number is I cant find mine. No manual.
Hey everyone today I added one of my dream bikes to my collection 2017 FZ-10. Im going to upgrade the suspension and exhaust first(Full Austin Racing GP1RR Titanium).

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