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New Calsci windshields for FZ-10

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Available now in large touring and tinted shorty.

Yamaha FZ-10 Windshields
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Don't like it.. But it does look very helpful for those longer rides at higher speeds.
It's not the best looking but if you ever ride at freeway speeds for a long period of time, that windshield will reduce the strain on your body from buffeting winds.
This, as much as I as well am not "fond" of the way it looks, will be much needing. For that reason solely. High freeway speeds.
I can totally see how this would help in those situations. Would be nice if it was a quick release system though
Has anyone tried the MRP windscreen from Twisted Throttle?
I don't think they have one for the FZ-10 yet, at least not as far as I can see but the double bubble racing windscreen for the FZ-09 looks decent.
Calsi is about a twenty minute drive from where we live. I bought a screen from them back in the day for my Concours 14, great quality and workmanship.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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