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Yamaha’s newest naked superbike has a polarizing design; some may like the styling and some riders like Spenser Robert from Motorcyclist will find it cringe worthy. But even he found the 2017 FZ-10 to be a fantastic motorcycle after riding it over a long period of time.

Its 998cc cross-plane engine borrowed from the YZF-R1 may have been detuned to crank out 158hp, but the FZ-10 has more usable power for everyday rideability and its torque figure has seen an increase to 81.9 lb-ft.

He calls it the “the kind of bike that casually lofts the front wheel out of corners and just as easily cruises around a city in traffic.” Handling is light and any complaints regarding the FZ-10’s looks melted away once he was behind the bars.

Contrary to the bike’s sharp angles, the FZ-10’s comfortable rider ergonomics provided his 6’1” frame with plenty of legroom whilst retaining its sporty riding position.

No bike is perfect and Robert did find a few areas where Yamaha can improve on. EPA mileage may be 30 mpg but the fuel tank is only large enough for a range of around 130 miles, and the brakes could use more bite.

Otherwise, the FZ-10 with a starting price of $12,999 has enough performance to make even doubters like Robert a fan.

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But then we all on this forum already knew that.lol. Another good write up and test ride.
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