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We all thought the Yamaha MT-10 is a bike that’s destined for the racetrack, well after taking a closer look at its accessories catalog Autoevolution has found around 50 accessories that we can equips the MT-10 with to make it a more practical bike.

Even though it’s based off of the track ready R1 functionality was taken into account so that the MT-10 won’t be limited to smooth asphalt only. You won’t be able to take a fully equipped MT-10 off road but you can make it more touring friendly.

Maybe a rear carrier is what you’re looking for to go with your 35 or 50-liter cases and keeping your contents organized are optional soft bags to put inside the cases.

Also available is the Billet Food Pedals Adjuster Kit which allows you to adjust the foot pegs, rear brake pedal and gear shift pedal into 20 different positions for optimal comfort.

For long journeys, the stock seat just won’t do and the recent reviewers aren’t a fan of them even for short rides. Yamaha’s Comfort Design Seat has been designed to provide your derrières with extra comfort on long distance trips, it can even make short distance trips more bearable. Add in heated grips, bar risers, billet levers among other accessories and you have a tour ready MT-10.

Will your MT-10 be an asphalt bike or a tourer?

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Why not both? The adjustable foot peg kit will work when you want to go touring and when you go on track.

This would make the fz-10 even more appealing to those who wants to do more than track riding or people who are on the fence about it.
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