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I had installed the Power Bronz hand guards on my FZ10 with the Givi sport shield. First I want to say the hand guards will not work with the Givi sport shield. The hand guards will hit the shields ends way before full lock right to left. I was bumbed :frown2:. So then I decided to try and reverse them and see if they would fit. WALLAH:laugh: They will work. Even though they are upside down they still don't look bad at all and after a short spin with no gloves on they blocked the wind for cold winter rideing perfect,even though in the pic they look like they wont . BUT here is the next negitive side of the hand guards. You have to remove the heavy bar ends and use the hand guard installation parts. Well I did noticed a little more tiggiling thru the bars and I did not like it. Not bad, but my FZ10 is like butter smooth with stock bar ends. So As I stared at the bar ends of the hand guards I wondered if I drilled a 6mm hole in the stock bar ends, then tap them to the 6.1 mm threads. Well I didn't want to ruin the stock bar ends if this mod does not work and since I had the GEN1 heavier bar ends in my junk box I installed them in place of the stock FZ10 end weights. Fit like a glove. I then drilled and tapped the end weights, Easy, peasy:laugh:

I then used only one part of the hand guard bar end kit, and got shorter 6mm allen bolts and a regular old flat washer and screwed the hand guard ends to the drilled and tapped bar ends.Looks factory and no more tiggiling after a ride, silky smooth again. I kinda like the transformer look with the hand guards on now. Im sure the Power Bronz hand guards will fit other non stock wind shields if some one wants to install them, if not?, then use my guide lines:nerd:.


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