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Took her out for the first time on our Sunday canyon run, pretty impressed with the power, she doesn't have my confidence in the handling department yet.

So one thing I notice, and tell me if you guys notice this too, when we were in the fast high-speed sweepers (100+) the front end felt unstable & light which gave the rear end a wallow effect, almost like the bikes in the 80's did just before they got high-speed wobbles. Is this common on naked bikes because the front end is so light? or is it a setup issue? All my bikes have been sport/race bikes so this one is new to me.

In the pack of bike below in my group we did the 2nd gear roll-on and the fz10 got the jump on all of them, kept the lead till I was pegged up in 6th then they all blew by. That should change a bit after I build her.

One thing that was really fun was if I let her climb up in the power band in 2nd or 3rd gear the front will climb up as much as I allow her to do. That's fun to have on tap!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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