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Criteria used when choosing exhaust?

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Hello all. I'm curious what criteria you all use when deciding on an exhaust? I am starting to look into what set up I want so I know what to start saving for, but man is it tough. For looks I absolutely love the akra and austin racing 3/4 system but the price is definitely high. I understand it is due to the titanium construction. I honestly think the Austin racing would be to loud for daily use though. I keep going back to the m4 system but have mixed feelings about the looks of this system. I really like the low mounting point but the can looks a little odd to me. The yosh system is starting to grow on me but I still have mixed feelings about the conical shaped muffler and i have been seeing some posts on other bikes saying the system tends to have a drone on the highway. Not sure id the fz10 would have this issue. The two bros system is another that I keep looking at. Also the recent addition of the termignoni slip on gave me the idea of this can with an arrow mid pipe. As you can see my thoughts on an exhaust are all over the place. So if you guys have any advice/input I would love to hear it.
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I think it depends on what you are replacing on the exhaust to completely answer the question.

Slip-on only: Best bang-for-the-buck and, and it needs to look good. No performance gains, so a high price is hard to justify.
3/4 system: Same as above. Mild performance gains, so a slightly higher price is ok.
Full system: What ever I can afford, along with the tuning required.

I think the exhaust market is way over priced these days. Paying a premium price for Titanium over stainless makes no sense to me. I don't race so a few pounds makes little difference.
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I plan to go with a 3/4 system, I have no intentions of doing a full system. I don't believe there would be a large enough gain to justify a full system. I also don't care about the weight savings gained by a titanium system. I think the weight loss with deleting the cat is a substantial amount. What I want out of the exhaust is improved sound without being obnoxious while maintaining a good look. I definitely want an increase in volume but don't want to reach the wake the dead level. Haha
I have the Yosh Street Alpha T; it came on the bike when I bought it, and I'm very happy with it. For me, I don't need the performance gains of a full system (it's not like the bike's low on power, right?), and I don't like the bike to be too loud. Discovered the hard way that in the wide open spaces of eastern oregon, the cops can hear you a mile away with a loud pipe at 10k+ RPM.

I like the Yosh; it's about the same amount of decibels as stock, but with a deeper note. https://goo.gl/3AwPV9

$500 ish, good quality, sounds good without being too loud.
Glad to hear you like the yosh. I am definitely leaning towards the 3/4 system. Seems like a really good quality system and the fact its manufacturered in the US is a big plus to me.
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