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Coffman's Exhaust System

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Hey boys and girls.
Just installed Coffman's slip on and wow.
As you might or might not now here in qc we get no slack from the police for concerning db volumes. Yuk.
That being said the Coffman's slipon keeping the Cat is a great option for me. Has three options for you sound. End cap, baffle or wide open.
Wouldn't want it any louder.
You can also fit a different colour tip to match your easy to install.
I just love it not too expensive and install was a breeze.
Check out their website and customer service is ridiculously amazing.
Speak with Pam she is the owner.


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That actually looks really nice and suitable, could you take a farther away picture of the complete side profile of the bike ? Want to see how it looks in a complete form
Trying to but uploading images seems impossible.
Will try a new thread in pictures r images and videos.
Check my profile to see
Maybe try to upload the images on an image hosting site like tinypic. Use the
Thanks for the info, but when it gets too complicated or too many steps I'm out.
Don't do Twitter, no face book, no Instagram etc.
imgur is the best for uploading, quick, easy and very helpful in selecting different sizes. No sign up required, you can be completely anon.
They even have a slogan that invites you : The most awesome images on the internet ! ;)
They even have a slogan that invites you : The most awesome images on the internet ! ;)
Not the greatest slogan but I don't even look at that. It fits my main criteria which is... is it fast and easy to upload and share pictures?

it's about the best in my experience.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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