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Cleaning your ride

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I normally avoid water just because it gets into places and caused problems and for the past ten plus years will use spray cleaners and washes instead.

Do you like to wash your bike like your car or do you also avoid the hose?

Some products I regularly use that do a great job are Original Bike Spirits cleaner and polish, Mc Guire's detail spray, Mc Guire's waxes and applicators, S-100 for really dirty jobs but that requires a hosing, usually just wheels or something.

Those neon wheels are great but they show everything so it's been almost a daily cleaning for them. Black only does have it's advantages :)
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In an ideal world, I would love to get my hands on a steam cleaner to clean the bikes. But unfortunately, I just attack it with a hose, sponge, and some detail brushes and microfibres. This video does help though!

I had to wash my FZ10 with a garden hose and soft brush with spot free car wash. Rose in 72 miles of rain yesterday for my dyno tune. First time I ride in rain. Usually I do like some , I wipe my bike down after every ride. Especially those good looking lime green rims. But this bike has sooooo many angles and nook and crannies on it . The most difficult sport bike I ever owned to clean .But worth it,lol.
Have you applied any sealant or protection to the lime green rims?
Have you applied any sealant or protection to the lime green rims?
Just some wax. I don't think they'll need more then that since they require more then their share of regular cleaning because of the color they are.
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Have you applied any sealant or protection to the lime green rims?
funny, I just posted to this point in the "complaints" thread....
but anyone notice how cheap the paint on these wheels are? I'm constantly cleaning them of course and notice how thin the paint coverage is. Some areas in the center of the rim were not completely covered. And one clearer I was using to remove the OEM chain grease brought yellow paint onto the rag, so I stopped using that. I can see a power coat in my near future.
Really?! Maybe we could try to apply another few layers of clear coat or something over them??
I believe there are some paint protection products that will help in this situation since it acts like a clear coat. More clear coat on a cheap quality paint goes a long way here. Rather spend that extra time and money now than deal with paint chipping later on.
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