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Brembo Gp4-RS & RCS19

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Hi all

i am quite new here, i am from London UK. I have a 2017 Yamaha Mt10 SP. I am about to fit my Graves EVR system and also send my ECU to tuners to flash for the new exhaust.

After trying r1 master and R1M calipers with EBC pads I still find the brakes were fading, or still not biting as much as I wanted. I usually ride 2 up commuting and also Weekends touring. So brakes are very important to me.

Now i bought Brembo Gp4-Rs calipers (108mm) and FRentubo steel lines, rcs19 Master cylinder for a good price from Italy. Now i talk with some friends but don't want to disturb people too much about this.

I know the Brembo RCS19 will eliminate the cruise control which i dont use.

The question is is anyone put RCS19 and connect it to brake lights?

Thank you in Advance.
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Brembo brakes shouldn't wear out prematurely unless they're defective for some off reason. Tried them primarily on cars and they're the best I've ever felt. Not too sure about the RCS19.
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