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Beware of gilles tooling mue-2 on your MT-10'

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Hi guys,

My mt-10sp is having a damage due to gilles mue-2's weak heel protection pannel. It is easily bended by heel grip once I corner tracking in/ out w/ knee open. I pushed local distribution in Korea, ysk, but they and gilles eu concluded it was my fault. I do not understand why they adopt bendable aluminum pannel on it.


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That sucks man. Have you looked into any aftermarket alternatives? Probably best to address it now before you cause any damage to the body.
Luckily nothing was damaged aside from a few scratched surfaces but man those are weak mounting points if you could easily bend it from taking a corner. Maybe something that's a solid piece would work better, but definitely not from them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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