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Another case of "stupid hurts", really badly.

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Last Friday, on my way in to work, the traffic was backed up due to a road closure. I found out that there was a bad motorcycle accident just north of our campus, and the investigation team had the area blocked off. That usually means a very bad end to something, like a fatality.

A coworker saw an 883 sportster in pieces, a truck with a wrecked front quarter panel, and a lot of blood on the ground, so we all assumed the worse for poor rider.

More information came out yesterday about the details. The rider is alive, but he lost his right leg and is still in critical condition. He hit the trucks right-front quarter panel as the truck was making a left hand turn, attempting to beat the light. The rider was also attempting to beat the light, and witnesses heard him "floor" the motorcycle when the yellow light lit up to do it. The estimated speed of the motorcycle was 80+ mph. This road has a posted limit of 35mph. I would say the driver of the truck is also at fault, but it's hard to argue against those speeds.

I know we all push the legal limits on the street, but pick a place that minimizes the risk, especially on busy streets and intersections.
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I'm thankful that age has tempered my driving attitudes. It would of been really bad for me if I would own what I have now when was in my 20's. On a side note 80 plus on a sporty? He must have had a quarter mile head start to beat the light :)
I'm not familiar with the Harleys and their capabilites, but I am sure the numbers were exaggerated a bit.
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