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Touted as a motorcycle that covers various riding styles, from sport riding to commuting to longer distance adventures, it was only a matter of time until someone took the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 on a road trip. Though only 600 miles long and spanning over two days, Mark Tuttle from Rider Magazine wanted to put the FZ-10’s touring claims to the test.

Accompanying the YZF-R1 derived 150 hp engine on his journey into the Sequoia National Forest is a pair of Nelson-Rigg CL-950 Deluxe Saddlebags, Yamaha’s Mid-Height Windscreen and a Comfort Seat for more padding because as nice as the stock seat is, the padding was just too thin and hard for long rides.

That decision to switch seats made it possible for him to sit comfortably from gas station to gas station, but it seems like those top-up stops are more frequent than expected. Premium fuel usage on his trip average at around 33.5 mpg, which meant the 4.5-gallon tank had to hit a station seven times. With the right conditions, the highest fuel economy rating achieved was 36.1 mpg.

Overall the FZ-10 provided performed spectacularly on Mark’s scenic tour; the razor-sharp handling combined with fully adjustable suspension and strong brakes with ABS provided him with excellent feedback, vibrations were a non-issue even at higher rpm, and the steering damper does its job very well.

The only gripe he seemed to have was of the 6-speed transmission, which when compared to other high-end sportbikes, didn’t shift as cleanly.

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I took mine on a trip totaling 850 miles the first week I had it. I rode to the Texas hill country, rode all weekend, and then the 350 miles home. I did get the comfort seat, and mounted my Givi trekkers top box with the $73 bracket for the MT10. It did awesome the whole time. The cruise control was great and I averaged 37mpg with avg speeds of mid 70s while on the state roads, and the twisties were epic on this machine. The wind blast had me a sore neck after a couple straight hours on the road at highway speed. So... Puig screen went on yesterday. I like how it used the factory silver pieces on top and it really does make it more commuter friendly... I'm LOVING this bike. Fuel capacity is limited, but race horses don't carry extra weight!
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